Use AI Writers to Build Topic Clusters

use ai writers to create topic clusters

Topic clusters (also known as content clusters) are groups of webpages on closely related topics that are used to build authority around a particular subject.

Use Writio to produce main topic content and/or to create the content for all subtopics based on your own content.

It's one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to multiply the ROI of your content efforts and boost authority.

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Why are topic clusters important to search engine optimization (SEO)

For Google to recognize your web pages as valuable and credible among similar sites, it is crucial to organize your content into cohesive topic clusters. This content strategy plays a vital role in attracting organic traffic to your website.

Merely sprinkling keywords throughout a web page's content is an outdated approach for improving its ranking on Google. The search engine now employs more sophisticated methods to evaluate relevance, such as analyzing for synonyms, related subtopics, and even scanning for answers to commonly asked questions within a particular industry when users are seeking information on that topic.

When building your website, it's critical to implement topic clustering instead of just focusing on keywords. This approach can help optimize your site's structure and content for better search engine rankings.

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example of a topic cluster

How To Use AI For Topic Clusters

Existing Content

Boost your existing content by inputing the ranking keyword into Writo's topic suggestion tool. You'll receive up to 40 related topics that Writio can write on.

With a Writing Team

As you or your team write new content, simply enter in each article's topic into Writio to have Writio suppliment your work with articles on each subtopic.

Main & Sub Topics

Writio can produce both main topic content and subtopics. Simply upload a topic list containing both your main topic first and subtopics afterwards to have Writio build out an entire cluster from scratch.

New Websites

Writio is the quickest and easiest way to start a new, high-quality, Google-approved website. By providing Writio with multiple desired topic clusters, you can have a new website ranking within days.

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