Got questions?

The most common questions and answers are here.

How good is the writing?

For most topics, the writing is very high quality. The core writing is done by a finely-tuned GPT-4 model and process designed specifically for the most common website content formats.

How long are the articles?

Articles vary in length based on the complexity of the topic you select and the appropriate content format. The current average is fairly long, around 2,000 words, but we are currently working on adding more granular controls of article length.

How do I get the content and do I get to keep it?

The content is automatically published to your WordPress every day, either live or in draft form. You can also download the content and the content is yours to keep.

Where are the images from and do I own them?

Writio automatically matches images to your content but there are two types of images - either AI generated or stock images. AI images are yours (subject to your local laws) and the stock photos are not but are royalty free (subject to their attribution rules).

What happens if I don't use my daily or weekly articles.

Article quotas do not carry over to the next day / week / month and must be used during the time period alloted.

Who is Writio?

Writio is a project made by Ezoic, designed for publishers. Ezoic is the largest publisher platform working with more than 30,000 publishers reaching more than 1.2 billion people a month.

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