Got questions?

The most common questions and answers are here.

How good is the writing? Can it mimic our style and voice?

Writio is built to provide high quality content across various niches and topics. The core writing is done by a finely-tuned GPT-4 model and process designed specifically for the most common website content formats. With the ability to train and customize Writio to your existing standards, you can expect Writio to mimic or improve upon the quality of your content.

Can I try it before subscribing?

Yes, each plan comes with a free trial that allows you to test out writing samples that are tailored to your site.

Can Writio integrate with our existing content management systems?

Absolutely. Writio offers both a WordPress plugin and API integration option to seamlessly connect with your current content management systems, streamlining your workflow and ensuring a smooth content creation and publishing process.

Can Writio handle multiple user accounts and permissions for large teams?

Yes, our platform supports multi-user access and allows for customizable permission settings, making it ideal for large teams with varying roles and access requirements.

Where are the images from and do I own them?

Writio automatically matches images to your content but there are two types of images - either AI generated or stock images. AI images are yours (subject to your local laws) and the stock photos are not but are royalty free (subject to their attribution rules).

What happens if I don't use my daily or weekly articles?

Article quotas do not carry over to the next day / week / month and must be used during the time period alloted. Writio allows you to queue up content and schedule it for publishing, so there is no extra work required to consistently use your quota.

Who is Writio?

Writio is a project made by Ezoic, designed for publishers. Ezoic is the largest publisher platform working with more than 30,000 publishers reaching more than 1.2 billion people a month.

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