Writio by Ezoic

Writio is project created by Ezoic, the long-time leader in A.I. driven solutions for publishers.

Ezoic is a venture-backed tech company based in San Diego, California. Founded in 2011, Ezoic's first product, Layout Tester, was the first-ever AI product for web publishers. Layout Tester presents users with dynamic web experiences based on profiles and surfing behavior. Ezoic's primary products now include Ad Tester (Ad Optimization), Flickify (AI Video Creation), Humix (Open Web Video Network) and Writio. Ezoic's products are used by more than 30,000 web publishers reaching more than 1.2 billion people each month.

Writio was specifically designed with Ezoic's 30,000 publishers in mind. We used data derived from our insights into what works in web publishing. It is the most efficient way to start or grow a website, a solution that was unimaginable just six months ago.

Ezoic is a 300+ person company, with headquarters in Carlsbad California and offices in Edmonton, Canada, London United Kingdom, Newcastle, United Kingdom, Mainz, Germany and Edmonton, Canada.

You can contact us at creator at writio dot com or visit us at:
6023 Innovation Way
STE 200
Carlsbad, California

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