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How Writio Works

A detailed overview of how the world's best AI writer functions

Step 1: Unleash Your Website's Potential with Writio

Jumpstarting your journey with Writio is a breeze. Just as easily as you would install a WordPress plugin, you can integrate your website with our platform. Voila! You've successfully linked your website to Writio. From here on, Writio is primed and ready to seamlessly populate your site with engaging and well-crafted posts.

Step 2: Curating Your Content with Precision

With Writio, deciding what to write about is a cinch. Just type in a keyword or topic of your choice. If you want more variety, you can ask Writio to suggest 30 related topics. Then, pick the ones you like - each will be turned into a new article.

Step 3: Tailoring Your Content to Perfection

Writio lets you finetune your articles to fit your unique style and requirements. Choose who your audience will be and in what language the article should be written. You can also specify details like the author's name, the article's category, and whether you want the article to be published automatically or saved as a draft for later review.

Step 4: Picking the Perfect Imagery

Immerse your readers visually by choosing the ideal image type for your article with Writio. Opt for AI-generated original images to elevate your rankings in image and unified search results. Alternatively, let Writio curate relevant, royalty-free stock images that harmonize with your content. If you're unsure, simply trust in Writio's judgement to select the optimal approach for each image.

Step 5: Unleash Writio's AI-Powered Writing Prowess

Once your preferences are set, it's time to sit back and let Writio take over. Your chosen topics are lined up in a queue, and Writio, with its AI-powered capabilities, creates the specified number of articles each day, directly posting them on your website. It's as efficient and consistent as having a 24/7 professional writing team, but it's all accomplished by our cutting-edge AI.

Step 6: Watch Your Articles Ascend the Search Ranks

In the following days, your freshly crafted articles will start to be indexed by search engines like Google and begin their ascent up the rankings. Writio keeps you in the loop by notifying you once your articles are indexed. This enables you to identify the most promising articles and fine-tune them further, optimizing your chances for a top spot in search results.

Step 7: Amplify Your Success

With each new topic your site ranks for, you can channel that success back into Writio, thereby enhancing your site's authority. This creates a virtuous cycle that propels your site's growth beyond your wildest expectations. Ezoic, the parent company of Writio, has watched hundreds of thousands of sites grow over the past decade. However, none have ascended as swiftly and efficiently as those leveraging the power of Writio.

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